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The internets have failed and the old Kensia website has “just fallen over”. We are moving content over to our Tumblr but in the mean time her is a lovelery picture of Phil!

The internets have failed and the old Kensia website has “just fallen over”. We are moving content over to our Tumblr but in the mean time her is a lovelery picture of Phil!


Upcoming Show and a FREE new track

OK, so admittedly we have been a little lazy lately but we’re back.

OK, so admittedly we have been a little lazy lately but we’re back.

We will be playing the LIVE MUSIC CIDER FEST 2011 @ The Wheatsheaves
Frome on Saturday 2nd July and it looks like a cracking line up.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (Punk covers from bath playing all the classics)
KENISIA (That’ll be us)
NOBODYS HEROS (Local punk favourites are back!)
THE INBREDZ ( Westcountry Hip Hop trio from Midsomer norten, pure
comedy. Think goldie looking chain with added scrumpy. Watch the link
below for a taste of what to come.)
DR NUT (Bath’s answer to The Cardiacs, crazly genius music)
THE SKIMITY HITCHERS (Srumpy and western favourites are back. From the
ashes of Whos Afear’d they return from dates with the Legendary
DIRTY SKANKIN LOVE HORNETS (Dancy ska newcomers from salisbury)

Plus there will be a wide range of ciders and scrumpys avaliable in
both the indoors and outdoors bars.

Tickets are only £3.00 for all this music!!!
Doors are at 3.00pm and the first and band will follow shortly after that

And to celebrate the we have uploaded a unreleased track for you
listening pleasure. Look out for more soundcloud activity and a proper
release soon.

Broken Down by Kenisia

Let us know what you think, and see you in Frome.


Xmas Show @ The Crown in Bristol Sat 18th December

We will be playing a Special Xmas show with Mr. Zippy and The Setbacks

We will be playing a Special Xmas show with Mr. Zippy and The Setbacks at the Crown in Bristol on Saturday 15th of December. It is being put on by the those loverly guys at Punkture so one you’ve got your fill of us idiots you can boogie to popular music hits provided by the Punkture DJs till 3 am.

Doors are 8.30pm and it’s £5. Hope to see y’all there!!

P.S. If you are going to come along please let us know via the Facebook Event Page


Farewell to The Junction gig this Friday

The Junction in Stokes Croft Bristol will be closing down for good soon so we will be there this Friday to give Bob a great send off

The Junction – Spiritual home of bristol punk – will be closing soon. We are playing a benifit for our good freind Bob there this Friday to give him a proper send off!

If you can please come down and show your support for Bob and all the hard work he’s put into The Junction ove the years. He’s been a star and given lot’s of bands punk and otherwise a great place to play in Bristol for a long time.

We are going to miss The Junction! You can read Bob’s take on the situation

Kenisia, 7 Crowns, Edsel Furys @ Junction, 15th May

’Allan Smithee” presents A Local Show for Local People starring three bands who by rights should have made it onto the last ever TPT show but were cruelly overlooked!

KENISIA – That’s us then :)

CROWNS – Debauched Bath based Hardcore punks making a righteous racket, fusing the nihilistic venom of Poison Idea with the balls -out power riffing of Motorhead.

THE EDSEL FURYS – Members of Kenisa, The Setbacks, Mosaic Dogs and Wild Planets playing a selection of their favourite Garage punk and Surf covers from the 60’s.

It’s all for a good cause and you get to see Jim Kenisia trying to do two sets without kanckering his vocal chords. What’s not to like?

Doors 8.30pm, £4 in!


Summer Shows

Thats right were back and giging this sumer. Check out our shows page for details.

Thats right were back and gigging this summer. Check out our shows page for details.

Please come along and say hi, we’ve missed you.


Alan Cains Rides Again

Ex-Kenisia singer Alan Cains wil be back on lead vocals for our show on May 13th with the Vodo Glow Skuls.

Ex-Kenisia singer Alan Cains will be back on lead vocals for our show on May 13th with the Voodoo Glow Skulls. James is unable to attend so Alan has agreed to step in for this one off special.

We’ve known about this for a few weeks and been working on the set, expect a few old classics and Alans own take on our newer material.


Kenisia on iTunes

You can now buy Kenisia tracks from the iTunes store.

You can now buy Kenisia tracks from the iTunes store.

Our “Nothing To Say” album can now be purchased online with “Prototype” to follow shortly.




A glimpse into the B.O.B. Festival, at the Porter But in Bath.

For the first time in my life in Kenisia, I didn’t feel like the oldest person at the gig! Yes, kids, it was the B.O.B. (Bath, Oakland, Bremen) Festival. This gig was held at the Porter Butt in Bath.

First up were Don’t. A female fronted punk band who had a nice loud set. The back bar was full as was the front bar. Part of the difficulty was dragging the old punks to the back bar to hear the bands but it all worked out somehow. Then panic set in. Word got round that the Setbacks drummer, Chris had a migrane and wouldn’t be able to play. The other lads must have given him a good pep talk because a few minutes before we were going to take their slot, they announced they were going to play! Yay! It gave me a few extra minutes to write a set list! I love the Setbacks and it had been a while since I had seen them play. They did a smashing job and played two of my favourite songs: You, and I Don’t Know. Great set.

Kenisia took the stage next and played a good 40 minutes of punk ska soul noise mayhem to a packed house of old and young punks. Thanks to the lads who came to see us at the Ski Lodge in Yeovil and invited me to a skank on the floor in front of the stage. A wicked time was had by all. As I write this, Phil is preparing to put up one of the German bands tonight at his humble abode after they tear up the stage in town. Eep! Two people were sadly missed at the show that night – Lynz and Vince. They are huge supporters of the punk rock and music scene in general and we know they wanted to be there. We will see them both on Thursday at the Junction in Bristol (12 April) when we will be reunited with Catch It Kebabs. Yay again!

Lastly, Citizen Fish took to the stage and had everyone on their feet. They played a crazy set and seemed to have as good a time as the rest of us were. Mint.


Kenisia Goes North!

A few words about the wonderful time we had on our mini-tour up north with the Catch It Kebabs.

A couple of weekends ago, the Kenisia crew headed north after a great night in Bristol at the Junction with Anonymous Tip. We played the weekend with the mighty Catch It Kebabs and a fantastical time was had by all!

Saturday, 24th March found us in Barnsley, in search of food and footie scores before the gig. We found what we were looking for and ventured back to The Arches for a grand night of entertainment. First on were the lovely Make It Better Later, with a lovely violinist and a drummer with an interesting Irish/American/Nothern England accent. The played a smashing set. Next was Kenisia, with a slight delay due to my costume change – Phil could be heard all the way in Leeds, shouting ‘Get on with it!!’. We did get on with it and went down a treat, we were told. We made friends with a bald, madman named Bob who is currently stalking one of our crew. It’s not a bad thing though. Then came the Catch It Kebabs, whom we hadn’t played a show with in a long time. They were amazing as always. Dave is one of the most entertaining frontmen I’ve ever seen. It’s hard not to smile and dance along when he’s on stage. The rest of the Kebab crew are brilliant musicians and equally entertaining to watch.

At the end of the night we sent our trombone player to bed and the rest of us went in search of drink and merriment. We found it in a basement pub (the name escapes me) and then we wandered to another club with bassist/vocalist Jamie. I was a bit worried when I saw the rest of my crew being led off with Dave as I stood in a queue of a very load and buzzing club. It turned out to be a pleasant experience, from what I can remember of it. The night ended with Steve and I watching Southpark at Jamie’s, drunk and slowly sinking into unconsciousness. The next morning the Kenisia crew were all reunited and headed for Manchester.

Manchester was as lovely as ever. The sun was shining, we weren’t too hungover and had a wander round before the evening’s festivities. I saw a few bands earlier in the day and then went in search of my crew for a pint in some sort of secret-society pub not far from the Retro Bar where the gig was. We saw our new chums Make It Better Later and were excited to take the stage ourselves. The last time we played the Retro Bar we had to be towed to the gig and just barely made it in time to play! We had a good time even though I had a bit of difficulty with the Pimp Handstand. It all worked out in the end. The Kebabs played a stellar set as usual and at the end of the night hugs all round and we headed back to Bristol and Bath.

It was a great weekend and we are really looking forward to our next gig with the Kebabs on Thursday 12 April at the Junction. I only hope our Steve knows what he’s getting into as he’s agreed to put them up after the gig. As Nelson Munce would say, HA HA!